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Calvary’s Grace Counseling Center is committed to providing Christ-centered, Bible-based counseling to help people understand who they are in Christ; to effectively deal with their problems; and to experience the freedom and abundant life God promises in His Word. Biblical counseling based on the Bible’s principles is provided in the areas of relationships, marriage and family, emotional issues, spiritual issues, addictions, grief, and trauma.
The goal of each session is to help the counselee develop the mind of Christ. Their belief system will be continually evaluated to determine where it does not align with the Word of God.  Wrong beliefs that have led to unholy or unhealthy choices will be identified. As these wrong beliefs are identified, the counselee is exposed to the Truth taught in God’s Word and is encouraged to replace the wrong belief with the mind of Christ.  As the lie is replaced with the truth, behavior changes and emotions begin to heal. 
It is our belief that a true knowledge of God and our identity in Christ are the greatest determinants of mental health. It is also our belief that a false concept of God, a deifying Satan (giving him the attributes of God), and a distorted view of who we are as children of God, are the greatest contributors to mental illness. Therefore, leading a person to an understanding of their identification in Christ Jesus is necessary.

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